Maria LoTempio - Plastic Surgery for Woman
Maria LoTempio - Plastic Surgery for Woman

Dr. LoTempio is highly experienced in cosmetic procedures for both the body and the face. Her understanding of how most women perceive their bodies and how they may want them to be perceived by others, coupled with her unique collaborative philosophy, make her particularly well suited to perform these procedures.

When a woman is not happy with the appearance of her body or her face, her self-esteem and confidence may suffer. Whether the concern is caused by genetics, a life event, or aging, there are surgical procedures that may provide help. Dr. LoTempio counsels her patients about the available options with an emphasis on realistic expectations to help them decide which procedure will best bring about the desired results.

When it comes to cosmetic procedures on the face, the surgeon’s own point of view and artistic sensibility really make a difference. Dr. LoTempio was first drawn to plastic surgery because of her interest in facial work, which she considers her “first love,” as a plastic surgeon. At the start of her career, she spent six years performing exclusively head and neck procedures at UCLA en route to becoming a board-certified head and neck surgeon. As a result, Dr. LoTempio embodies the experienced eye, technical expertise, and aesthetic sensibility required to enhance a woman’s facial beauty.

Cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. LoTempio include:

+    Liposuction
+    Abdominoplasty
+    Face, Brow, and Neck Lifts
+    Facial Injectables
+    Blepharoplasty
+    Rhinoplasty

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