Maria LoTempio - Plastic Surgery for Woman

Doctor Maria LoTempio - Plastic Surgery for Woman

A Doctor For Women

Dr. Maria LoTempio is a Board Certified New York-based plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery exclusively for women. In addition to technical skill and artistry, Dr. LoTempio also brings a distinctly female perspective to her work, with a deep understanding of the emotions a woman experiences when considering any kind of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Dr. LoTempio performs a full range of procedures for the body and face and is one of a small number of surgeons specializing in microsurgical breast reconstruction with Iymph node transplantation. Her unique practice reflects her longstanding commitment to serving the physical and emotional needs of women by helping women restore and improve their bodies and their self image.

Our Mission

LoTempio Plastic Surgery For Women’s Mission is to be of service to the growing community of women of all ages. We strive to uphold and support the rights and dignity of women undergoing breast cancer treatments and their choices and rights to breast reconstruction to make their bodies whole again. We are a full service medical practice not only specializing in the healing of the body’s disease and disfiguration, but offering a variety of services to support women in all areas of self-esteem building through workshops and discussions on body image, health and nutrition and cosmetic treatments to enhance, but not change who the woman inherently is. We aim to maintain and uphold the highest level of integrity within our practice and to guide women to understand balance within themselves; to make clear and conscious choices about any and all procedures and surgeries that they choose to have.

LoTempio Plastic Surgery For Women aims to empower women to continue to be themselves and support each other as women, bonding together with their individual uniqueness, gifts and talents so that they can feel their sense of wholeness and beauty from within and where we can help achieve their goals from without. Together, through, awareness of diet, exercise and proper prevention, cancer does not have to be a death sentence it once was and women can look at plastic surgery as a means to an end of a negative health crisis, move on with their lives, more aware, happy and educated than they were prior to their illness.

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