Maria LoTempio - Plastic Surgery for Woman

Striking Shots Expose The Scary Side Of Beauty Culture
Babej worked with his close friend, plastic surgeon Maria LoTempio, to illustrate the difference between a woman's natural beauty and the "correctable flaws" a plastic surgeon has been trained to see.

THE HUFFINGTON POST | Lauren Cahn - Living the Dream, 3 Reconstructive Surgeries Later
Is there a woman alive who hasn't fantasized about taking some of "this stuff down here" and "moving it up there"?

Let me just say, I'm living the dream.

LOUISIANA'S HEALTH & FITNESS | Dr. Maria M. LoTempio - Omega Hospital
The road to her work as a reconstructive surgeon has been a long and interesting one. Dr. LoTempio started her medical career as a neonatal/pediatric ICU nurse.

NEW ORLEANS LIVING | Think Pink. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
To Patients who have undergone breast cancer therapy and had lymph node dissections or radiation to the lymph nodes area, Dr. Maria LoTempio is a healer. She is also a boon to New Orleans as she is one of the first plastic surgeons in the United States to travel to Paris to learn vascularized lymph node transfer (VLTN), a cutting edge procedure, under the guidance of Dr. Corrine Becker, a pioneer in VLNT.

SOPHISTICATED WOMAN | Recreating Lives After Breast Cancer
From an early age, Dr. LoTempio knew she wanted to be a surgeon. In this article, you see what drove her and colleague Dr. Chen into medicine and onto a team of distinguished plastic surgeons who “recreate lives after breast cancer.”

Caring for women in need and helping them feel whole again is a passion for Dr. LoTempio and her colleagues at Omega Hospital. In this article, Dr. LoTempio’s colleague Dr Chen takes you on a tour of this small boutique hospital where its team provides the most advanced and patient-friendly reconstructive surgeries in a warm, loving environment. You'll also learn about the unique chemistry between the doctors that gives the team the feel of a major symphony where everyone tunes into each other to achieve a beautiful result.

Did you catch my recent poster presentation in San Antonio?
In December 2009, I was at the Breast Symposium presenting my research on lymph node transplantation in breast reconstruction using perforator flaps. Watch this space to see when and where I’ll next be presenting it again. Watch Now >

Aging & Beauty Event

Our first of many upcoming events on various topics for aging and beauty; cancer prevention at LoTempio Plastic Surgery For Women. Thursday, April 18, 2013, patients and guests enjoyed conversations on breast augmentation, injectables, and how to better understand breast cancer with Dr. LoTempio. Lola Bennett and JP from the Carlyle Hotel, discussed hair styling and color and its effects during pre and post cancer treatments and as we age.

  • Aging & Beauty Event
  • Aging & Beauty Event
  • Aging & Beauty Event
  • Aging & Beauty Event
  • Aging & Beauty Event
  • Aging & Beauty Event
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