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When selecting a surgeon for rhinoplasty (reconstructive work done on the nose) it is important to choose a facial expert who understands that the nose is one of the most defining features of a woman’s face. It takes years for a surgeon to perfect the elegant art of reshaping a woman’s nose in just the right way, without changing it so much that she becomes unrecognizable. It often happens that just a small “tweak” is needed to bring about extremely satisfying results—the patient still looks like herself, only better. Dr. LoTempio’s formative training in face work and tremendous experience in this area makes her a natural choice for patients seeking rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty can change the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose, narrow or widen the nostrils, remove a bump, or straighten a crooked nose. In addition to cosmetic improvement, some patients may experience improved breathing through the nose following rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty procedures usually take one to two hours. The skin is separated from the underlying bone and cartilage, which are then sculpted to the desired shape. After surgery, a splint is worn to help the nose maintain its shape, and the nostrils may be packed or splinted in order to help stabilize the septum (the dividing wall between the nostrils). By the end of the first week all packing, stitches, and splinting will be removed and patients can return to work. Patients generally should wait several weeks before resuming more strenuous activities, particularly those which may cause impact to the nose.

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